TrueFitProject & a st(h)ealthy 2023!

“Living more healthy” is on top of many “Bucket lists". Today more than ever! TrueFitProject’s goal is to support you on that journey with many little “health hacks”. Let’s enjoy this way together!

TFP Video of the Week

In pursuit of (healthy) happiness!

Just in case you still may need some “extra motivation” for introducing some “minor changes” in your “lifestyle” for good, please enjoy this inspiring TED Talk by at that time 93-year-old Charles Eugster.

When I first watched it I had tears of bliss in my eyes, and I gave him my standing ovations.
Charles is definitely quite a trustworthy, fit and energetic role model for how much fun it is to pursue a long life in health and happiness.

Again – there is no “end-goal”, it’s a journey! So let’s get started.


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