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Corona & the bigger Health Picture

The purpose of this “blog” is to stealth your immune system so that you might not even recognize when catching the virus (asymptomatic).

But then, it all starts with a “sniffle” (COVID is a respiratory illness). As emphasized, even if you are “healthy”, you can still catch the virus and get COVID19. Now it’s all about the severity of its symptoms, and there is a lot one can do about it “naturally”.

But before I myself now dive into this too deep, please download the “Guide to Home-Based COVID19 Treatment”, published by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Starting page 14 a comprehensive compilation of “supplements” is listed (and how/when to take them) which all can be bought in a health store or pharmacy.

In its center – Zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin C. So why not take these supplements already “preventative” in the first place, before COVID19 might hit eventually?! I surely will come back to these in my future “Sunday Health Hacks”.

And do have these “COVID19 first-aid kit” remedies already at home. It’s worth it. So you can immediately start the protocol as soon as a “sniffle” starts, and a positive test confirms the presumption.

As mentioned before, if Corona taught us one thing, then it’s about the utmost importance of a strong, healthy immune system. We had to “lock away” the whole planet because the majority of our population is “sick” in some kind, thus has got a weakened immune system which is unable to fight of an “unknown” virus so far (no “blueprint” from former infections as a back-up).

More than 90% of all people over 60 have some kind of chronic disease (or multiple). More than 50% of all people over 18 are “overweight” (Body Mass Index >25) and child obesity tripled in the last 20 years.

I am not saying that our governments did a good job. But they had no other chance but to force the whole country (world) into a strict lock-down, with 50%+ of its population in clear & present (lethal) danger.

And that’s what I am missing in all these societal discussions – WHY is our population in such a devastating physical condition? WHAT needs to change to repair this “damage” and so it doesn’t happen again?

Well, the answer is actually very obvious – First and foremost we’d have to change our “food system” which is making us sick in the first place.

And the solution could also very easy, just put a hefty tax on all “unhealthy” consumer products for example, as one simple evident option to start with. Over 60% of the price for cigarettes is an additional “tobacco tax”. So why not introduce a “sugar” or “industrial animal farm” tax etc..

But of course this discussion is a tough one. And it goes much deeper. We are talking one piece of a complicated equation. It’s like discussing only about “Glyphosat” without having an eye on the bigger agricultural picture. As long as we do have primarily a “mono-crop agriculture” we need fertilizer like Glyphosat. If courts now get rid of this poisonous stuff, something else, maybe even worse, will come along (has too). But if we change the (agricultural) system then there is no need to poison our soil for keeping up the (mono-crop) harvest as long as possible, until only dust is left.

And yes, there are enough studies out there which proof that food-supply could be secured with “regenerative agriculture” system too. With a big “IF”! If NOT 70% of all agricultural land is no longer used for just growing animal feed but actual food for humans!

Anyway, back to the Corona situation. Unfortunately there is too much fight out there, it’s either “black or white”.

Like with every other virus, even a super-health nut can “get” COVID. But the chances that a strong immune system successfully fights this virus off is many (many, many) times higher. Yes, “healthy” people do get ill too but the chances to end up in hospital or even die from it are marginal in comparison to the statistics of people with “pre-conditions”.
But even then the “worst case” might happen – and these are the ones the media put on their front-page – but it’s a very (very) rare exception.

A couple of years ago a good friend of mine, mid 40ies, passed away (within a few month) due to pancreatic cancer. And he was a guy one would call “super-human” – a professional athlete, a biohacker by heart, energetic and always in a good spirit (so I thought).
But a year before he passed, he went through an ugly divorce, his children didn’t speak to him no more, even his beloved dog was taken away, he lost his home, he got some bad press, many “friends” turned away and even some sponsors jumped ship, so he got into financial distress as well. “Emotionally” he was on a bad downward spiral.

“Health” is so much more than just “good water & food”.

Even though I am a “promoter” of taking (best) care of your own immune system first and foremost, I am not against “vaccination”. Especially regarding this tiny mRNA Corona vaccine which is a little “protein block”, mimicking the virus, so that our immune system reacts and builds a “blueprint” (and antibodies). And the substance of this mRNA vaccine has even left the body after two weeks (just leaving the “blueprint” behind). This is real high-tech medicine at its best.

In comparison to the vaccine shots for measles, mumps, rubella or (formerly) smallpox, also using “living virus agents”, this is almost a “joke”.

But “vaccination conspiracy theories” are as old as vaccines itself. The English scientist Edward Jenner invented the smallpox vaccine in 1796 (and he was also the first one who named it a “vaccine”). Still more than 500mio people worldwide died of a smallpox infection after that. And the main reason many people refused to get vaccinated was because of the strong “belief” that this vaccine turns humans into “cows” (!!!). Which originated from the fact that Jenner “injected” people with an alternated virus form derived from the cow-pox.

After a severe smallpox outbreak in Germany 1871, the German government was forced to establish a mandatory vaccination for the first time in its history, including severe sanctions like monetary fines, detention or even then vaccination by force (eg. prisoners).
In 1976 the World Health Organisation declared smallpox as “eradicated”. And billions of lives have been saved, primarily because of a strict vaccination program.

Or as mentioned before, “Measles” were the most common reason for child deaths until John Franklin Enders invented a vaccination in the mid-1950s, saving hundreds of millions of young precious lives since then.
As stated, Science can be a blessing for “special” circumstances, emergencies and quick fixes. The “problem” is it’s not a sustainable solution. And there is no “vaccination” against cardiovascular diseases, cancer or respiratory illnesses, the three most common causes of death, amounting to more than 60% of all cases.

It’s a denominator in all philosophies, cultures and religions, and it’s even backed by science, that we are most happy and feel most fulfilled when we do good to others.

But there is one area where you even should and must be very selfish – and that’s your own health!!

You might remember the instructions of the flight attendants that in case of an emergency you should put on the oxygen mask first before you then help others next to you. Other way around you can’t take care of your child in the seat next to you if you are passed out.

The same analogy applies for your life – you can’t serve others, be there for your loved ones, if you are sick and in constant pain.

It even becomes a vicious circle – If you suffer from a chronic disease your whole focus will be on that, on yourself. You are hardly able to put up the energy to take care of others around you. As mentioned above, a crucial part for your “life’s happiness” then goes missing. Which puts extra “stress” on your soul, which then has an additional direct negative effect on your immune system.

I mentioned the “Blue Zones” before. Blue Zones are regions of the world which have a much higher than average number of people living much longer, eg. Okinawa (Japan), Sardinia (Italy), Nicoya (Costa Rica), or Icaria (Greece).
The main (health) pillars of these “Centenarians” are nutrition, a daily “exercise” routine (walking, gardening etc.) and also strong social interaction.

Especially the last two now went missing during the Corona emergency. So, no wonder that the incidence of major depression and anxiety disorders has increased by more than 25% over the course of the corona pandemic, with younger people and women in particular suffering more from the limitations of public life. Additionally, more than 50% of the population put on some serious “extra weight”, on average >5.5kg.

Both are definitely not salubrious for one’s “health”, in terms of a strong immune system and high energy levels.

So, YES, please, get vaccinated, not only to protect yourself but for the sake of “everyone”, so that social interactions can return to normal, and excuses for “not being able to exercise / move” are gone.

And maybe many (some) see this crisis as a warning shot which also offers an opportunity for (health and lifestyle) changes that they otherwise would not have made. Maybe. Because it won’t be the last (zoonotic) virus we gonna have to face. But primarily, as emphasized above, because there is no “vaccination” or “magic pill” against the much more severe “killers” out there like heart diseases or cancer. Or even the number of people dying from Diabetes is not only increasing dramatically but they are way ahead of infectious diseases.

There are a few (genetic) exceptions but mainly that’s all directly connected to our “Lifestyle”, nothing else.

Deep & Dive,  Andreas

Everything negative is an opportunity to rise.

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