I am a former professional athlete, qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach with decades of “guinea pig” experience, and a handicap of 6 foot 5. But I am NOT a doctor or scientist. I will give NO medical advice or recommend replacing medical treatments if you already suffer from severe illnesses. This is a blog about “prevention” only (for trying not becoming seriously sick in the first place).

Yes, there is enough convincing evidence out there that many “damages” of an “unhealthy diet/lifestyle” can be reversed, even cancer, but this is not the right place to get into these hard fought over discussions. This is about keeping you healthy and energetic.

It’s also totally up to YOU whether you continue taking a quick chemical fix, eg. for your occasional headache (having to deal with the “side-effects” of all the “chemistry” accumulating in your body long-term) or rather rub some peppermint/lavender essential oil on your neck and temple, do some deep breath-work and foremost get sufficiently “hydrated”.

And I am definitely not a “Guru”. Meaning you won’t find me acclaiming the “one ingredient” or the “one secret magic pill” only I know about. I always made sure that everything has been recommended, tested and successfully been used by a number of independent experts, professionals or scientists from various areas of life, or even by cultures for thousands of years.

I am also not a “sales rep” for any of the products I might mention, meaning I don’t get any commissions or kickbacks.

Which leads me to my final claim – There is a Chinese quote “If you have nothing good to say, keep quiet!” We all have a very busy life, so I do not have the time to argue with “wise guys” and “destructive trolls” (excuse my language).

Again, these are the results of lots of “trial & error”, and the results work for ME.
Still I am sure there might be even some “better or other stuff” out there which I haven’t heard of yet. Mother Nature is so rich in (healthy) resources and “goodies” so I humbly make no claim to be comprehensive and “all-knowing”.