Frankfurt, Jan. 2022 – In these (ongoing) challenging Corona circumstances, when the importance of a “strong immune-system” is (should be) on top of everyone’s mind, as vaccines only go so far, I got increasingly bombarded by people, family and friends how to stay – or even get – “(st)healthy” in these tense times, as the Corona virus will stay with us for long. And it’s not only the “virus” but all the additional “usual” business, societal, private, family and also “environmental” stress on top.
Well, I thought, as I love to write, why not finally set up a “Blog” not only for family & friends. And it will save me time too not having to repeat myself over again :-)).

The TrueFit Project is a reflection of my life’s central theme – from my early days as a professional athlete, my continuous education and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, up to my today’s investment and business ventures.

It’s the foundation of everything WHY I am doing what I am doing today. The TrueFit Project is part of my own personal “Ikigai”, a holistic Japanese philosophy about YOUR purpose in life.

Simply put, you find your Ikigai when you A) Follow your true passion. B) Find and foster your unique God-given special talent(s). Passion alone doesn’t help. You have to be (very) good at it too. For example, I love Opera, but I definetely can’t sing! C) You should be able to earn money with it because you won’t be “happy” if you can’t make a living. Thus, no singing for me. And D) It’s something the world needs, something which contributes to make this world a better place.
Combining all these four elements in harmony that’s how you find your Ikigai, your life’s purpose. It’s a journey, not an “end-goal”.

There is a Jewish quote – Whoever saves one life saves the world entire. One man (as in woman & man) can make a difference. If even one man shows humanity to another, there is hope for society. For society to continue, mutual respect and kindness must exist.

I very much believe in that. I fail and get failed every day but I will never stop striving.

Thus the TrueFit Project is one of my pursuits to humbly and thankfully give back (Ikigai). And even if I eventually might only touch one single life for the better, everything was all worth it.

Love & Strength, Andreas