Sunday Health Hack No. 17 – Raiders of the lost Hair

Sunday Health Hack No. 17 – Throw away your hair conditioners and styling gels, and use some organic Aloe Vera gel and Rosemary essential oil instead.

There is another important „organ” which corresponds directly with your lymphatic system (which I talked about in my last Sunday Hack), so I want to address it right away next – your HAIR. Or rather your hair follicles.

As mentioned, your lymphatic system has two existential tasks – it’s the main “garbage removal system” of your body, getting rid of all waste, left-overs and “toxins” from every cell. And the lymphatic system is important for the production of our immune cells.
So, everything we put on our hair and scalp, whether it be shampoo, conditioner or hair styling gel, the “ingredients” will enter directly into our lymphatic system via our hair follicles without any barrier. And either it will poison and “hurt” us, or it even can promote our health.

Unfortunately in “normal” hair products you will find “things” like Sulphates (which destroy the proteins necessary for hair growth), chemical fragrances (leading to hormonal imbalances and hair loss), Sodium Chloride (which clogs your hair follicles, which again leads to hair loss), Parabens (which also have a negative effect on hormone levels, and are even suspected to be carcinogenic), Propylene Glycol (which is a skin irritator and accelerator sucking chemicals into your skin / hair follicles), Diethanolamine and Triethanolamine (which are two chemicals which destroy keratin, a key component of your hair), and Formaldehyde of course, which is the most damaging (as its again carcinogen). If your eyes sting while washing your hair, then you know that there is Formaldehyde in it.

On the shampoo side there are already loads of okay organic, natural products on the market, and they are worth exploring for all the reasons mentioned & emphasized above.
Still,maybe you also want to give your grandma’s recipe for a health scalp and strong hair a try now and then, by using some good old plain Apple Cider Vinegar for washing your hair.
But then after your shower or bath, things get tricky and complicated, when it comes to “styling” your (wet) hair. As there are no real “healthy” styling products out there.

Again, Aloe Vera gel works as the best basis. First, when the Aloe Vera gel dries out it gets firm and hard.
But there are many other (hair) health benefits too. When you smooze Aloe Vera into your hair, and it penetrates your hair follicles, this improves damaged, dry hair (best “conditioner” ever). It deep cleanses oily hair, and it prevents itchy scalps because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
Aloe vera contains loads of minerals and vitamins which contribute to cell turnover, support healthy cell (and hair) growth, and promote a strong hair “health”.
Overall, Aloe Vera is a great “source” to make your hair look healthier, shinier, and softer.

Next, we add some (organic) Rosemary essential oil to the Aloe Vera gel. Rosemary is a culinary and healing herb. This woody perennial is native to the Mediterranean and Arab region, where it’s been used as food and medicine for centuries.
Rosemary has got anti-inflammatory properties, it promotes nerve growth, and it improves circulation. As a result, regarding using Rosemary for hair treatments, it prevents hair follicles from being starved of blood supply, dying off, and leading to hair loss.
Its ability to heal nerve endings also rejuvenates nerves in the hair follicles too, in turn even restoring hair growth naturally, as many studies have shown. And beyond stimulating hair growth, rosemary essential oil is also used to prevent dandruffs and itchy scalps.

So, mixing Aloe Vera and Rosemary is quite a powerful combination for you “hair health”. And it’s easy, totally natural, and so much cheaper than any industry conditioner or artificial hair gel.

So, my Sunday Health Hack for today – Put some Aloe Vera gel into you palm, add a couple of drops of Rosemary oil to it, commingle them in your hands, and apply it to your wet hair.
The “amounts” depends on the length of your hair, but you’ll get a feel for it quickly.

Cool side effect: Besides that Rosemary makes your hair also “smell” nice, the Rosemary scent also has a positive effect on your brain functions, eg. promoting focus and concentration.

Last time, some asked me for a recommendation regarding Aloe Vera gel. Besides that I do sometimes make the effort to get fresh Aloe Vera plants from the farmers market or well-stocked health stores, pressing the pure plant gel into a crème jar, I obtain my Aloe Vera gel from Naissance (Europe) in a bulk –
Again, no affiliation whatsoever. And I am sure there are other trustworthy, organic Aloe Vera gels out there. Always good to have a chat with the staff of your local health store. Just watch out that the gel is not too liquid but rather more “creamy”.

Love in style, Yours  Andreas

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Nature offers so many “wonders”. And speaking of the Mediterranean and Arab region, if you haven’t visited Jordan and Petra, one of the 7 world wonders, yet, it’s time to make new discoveries.