Sunday Health Hack No. 18 – Fuel up your coffee (and spirit)

Sunday Health Hack No. 18 – Put a tablespoon of MCT Oil into your morning coffee for a good filling of your energy – body and spirit – tanks.

Many, many years ago my first contact with “bio-hacking” had been “Bulletproof Coffee” which claims huge health benefits when adding some butter as well as MCT oil into your coffee. Personally, I never got used to the taste of “butter” in my coffee but MCT oil really stuck with me.

Coffee is losing its “bad rep” as more and more studies proof its enormous health benefits, not only that coffee helps you stay focused and alert, but also boosts your physical performance (which is why caffeine is used in many pre-workout supplements), helps you to lose weight, and latest research show that it even can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strokes or Parkinsons.
Of course, like always, depending on the quality of your coffee.

As you know, many of my Sunday Hacks are about taking something you are already familiar with, in this case coffee, and stack it with something else, which adds much health benefits to it, in this case MCT oil.

MCT is the acronym for “medium-chain triglycerides”. Triglycerides are fats (fatty acids) from the food we eat. Or, most of the fats we eat, including butter or oils, are in triglyceride form.
As the name suggests, MCT oil contains medium-length chains of fats which are more easily digested and metabolized than longer-chain fatty acids found in many other foods, like in nuts, avocados etc..
MCT oil is most commonly extracted from coconut oil, as more than 50% of the fat in coconut oil are MCTs. But MCT oil (extract) is tasteless and also has got much less calories.

But why put MCT oil in the coffee? Well, it’s again about the good old equation “1+1 equals 3”.
First and foremost, MCT oil is a super energy source. MCT oil is immediately metabolized by the body and used as “fuel”. And the caffeine in the coffee accelerates and extends that process. Resulting in a steady energy level – without the crash.
In these busy days, it’s all about “energy management”, about either finding ways to sustain your energy throughout the day or to implement hacks which lift your energy levels. And MCT oil will help you with that.

But MCT oil has so much more to offer. For producing “energy” MCT oil doesn’t use glucose but taps into your fat storage. Meaning, MCT oil is a fantastic fat burner, helping you to lose weight (by getting rid of unattractive fat pads).
MCT oil also influences Leptin, your “hunger” hormone, creating a feeling of lasting fullness. And the good bacteria in your gut just love MCTs to feed on and its oil for their “home”, the gut lining, which all contributes to weight loss as well (feasting on unwanted calories fast & furious).
And, as MCT oil supports weight and fat loss, this, in turn, helps reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases or strokes.

Your brain primarily runs on glucose. But it also can make use of MCTs to fire up its neurons. So, no need for an extra sugar-bar next time you need to focus on something enduring. And even though no human trials have been made yet, this ability of the brain using MCT as a fuel source also prevented the development of Alzheimer disease (which impairs your brain’s ability to use sugar) in tests with mice. Translation – MCT boosts your memory and “spirits”.

Extra Sunday fitness hack: Also put a tablespoon of MCT oil into your pre-workout shake. Studies found that athletes who took MCTs before training had significant lower lactate levels and thus found it easier to exercise longer and with more power / strength.
And in combination with caffeine and exercise, the “fat-burning” effect (as fat being used for the extra energy needed when exercising) multiplies.

Warning: Don’t overdo it. Just have one tablespoon in your morning coffee, and maybe (maybe) another one in your afternoon coffee (for avoiding your after lunch crash), or in your pre-workout shake here and there. But too much of good can backfire too. In the truest sense of the word that things may get too “oily” for your gut with a possible profound impact on your bowl movement. 😊

My trusted product source in Germany is again Sunday Natural, and, again, I do not have any affiliation with them –

All power to you, Yours  Andreas

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